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Stylists are talking

"The KurlPro Educators have tons of advice on how to either take your already full books and start to incorporate curly clients, how to build a book of curly clients as a new stylist, or advice for a salon owner on how to support your new KurlPro stylist."

"KurlPro Academy is an EPIC class!!"

"I think [KurlPro] will definitely make a big difference for a lot of people. It will allow them to build a diverse clientele faster than before. It also allows for higher ticket prices, therefore increasing their overall take home."

“You are all sincerely wonderful people who care about style and the community.”

"I do feel that Kurlpro will help stylist integrate curls into their day to day clientele because it will not only give them access to techniques they can use but also provide them with the confidence that is needed to start and take all types of hair."

“I loved learning how to personalize Kurly cuts for our clients. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.”