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Handle All Hair with Confidence.

How to Become a Curly Hair Stylist

Our Vision

The KurlPro philosophy is simple: to embrace all hair.

With this purpose in mind, our focus is to provide professional education, tools, and resources that celebrate the world of curls.

Our Mission

To drive change and empowerment for all hair, both in the salon and at home.
If you do hair, do all hair. KurlPro Academy aims to take the fear out of servicing curls, so that you can handle all hair with confidence.

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KurlPro Academy

KurlPro Academy teaches a revolutionary cutting and styling technique that consistently delivers successful results based on the client’s coil type, head shape, and curl journey, through the use of two concepts: the Helix System and the DOT Method.

Through one-on-one coaching and hands-on experience, the Helix System and DOT Method will transform your understanding of all hair, and will elevate your career behind the chair by giving you the tools to embrace and celebrate the world of curls.

KurlPro – because one cut does not fit all.

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Stylists are talking

"The KurlPro Educators have tons of advice on how to either take your already full books and start to incorporate curly clients, how to build a book of curly clients as a new stylist, or advice for a salon owner on how to support your new KurlPro stylist."

"KurlPro Academy is an EPIC class!!"

"I think [KurlPro] will definitely make a big difference for a lot of people. It will allow them to build a diverse clientele faster than before. It also allows for higher ticket prices, therefore increasing their overall take home."

“You are all sincerely wonderful people who care about style and the community.”

"I do feel that Kurlpro will help stylist integrate curls into their day to day clientele because it will not only give them access to techniques they can use but also provide them with the confidence that is needed to start and take all types of hair."

“I loved learning how to personalize Kurly cuts for our clients. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.”

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